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When you don't get paid for what you know, give it away!

advisee is one of ten concept sites to help assist and promote digital nomads, location independent and anyone that seeks to change various factors in their own lives using technology. indirectly we are also promoting e-residency from estonia using the .ee suffix extension as part of this project - you can support the project by signing up on any of the email forms or taking our courses over on skillshare or udemy.

That Screen Life

we live here now between the play we spend hours in front of our digital screens, we can help you make that time effective.

Analog to Digital

we understand that the ways you have been using are already working so why change them. if your ready to move to digital, get in touch

The Right Tools

have the right tool for the job can make all the difference and save you some time, especially if your not very 'technical'

Confused? is one of ten .ee concept sites that was bought using our e-residency digital id card. the project is to raise awareness about e-residency, the first in the world from a small country called estonia. we are two digital natives that are keen to explore what it means to be location independant but working digitally in the cloud. we make all of our income by digital means. the project is 25% art, 25% conceptual and 50% effort.

we do run google adsense across the sites in the hope that this income will be enough to cover our server hosting, domain renewals and any other cloud based service that we used to get our information out to you, please click on and support us where you can.

you can find the other sites in the project along the left hand side menu on desktop, your mileage will vary on mobile. we do intend to do much more with these domains but for now they are blogging sites connected to our twitter accounts via for auto rss promotion.

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